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Why do your makeup does not stand up to the end of the day? 6 mistakes that commits most women

Why do your makeup does not stand up to the end of the day? 6 mistakes that commits most women

Errors that affect the durability of makeup

1. Low-quality cosmetics

Do not be surprised that your makeup disappears after an hour if you use cheap cosmetics, price is not always adequate to the quality, but mostly as a good and durable product you have to pay a little bit. Writing about the low quality we mean well or badly outdated cosmetics store. They lose their properties and make them made quickly descends.

2. Poorly chosen cosmetics, inadequate to the needs of

In drugstores we have a wide selection of cosmetics for different skin types. It should take this into account. Otherwise behaves skin dryness and the oily otherwise. Each needs different care. If you have oily skin, do not reach for the primer to dry. Do not be afraid to also waterproof cosmetics. And if a light base is failing, reach for the matting harder.

3. Too much of cosmetics

Many women have skłoność to exaggeration and applied to the face of far too many cosmetics. Excess is not able to absorb and instead create a face ceniutką coat, rolled, or flows. Too bad it looks. Try to slightly reduce the amount of product applied.

4. Touching the face

If you have a habit of constantly touching your face, same makeup you download it. You should be avoided. Also try to not rub your eyes, if you want your ink and shadows throughout the day remained on the spot. When you dress up, be careful not to rub the clothes make drop.

5. Inadequate facial

Makeup is intended to emphasize the beauty and mask any imperfections. But you can not hide beneath all the problems. The most important is face care. Do regularly scrub, moisturise, use masks. For healthy skin and neat makeup holding up much better.

6. Doing makeup immediately after applying the cream

Some cosmetics are absorbed quickly and others more slowly GirlyIndex. Always, however, after applying the cream on her face, you should wait a few minutes and give him time to be absorbed. If you are entering from the right makeup, do not be surprised that it is fragile.