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What to eat to have beautiful skin? Seven products that her true medicine

What to eat to have beautiful skin? Seven products that her true medicine

To be able to enjoy healthy and nice skin, you have to cultivate it accordingly. For this purpose, it is worth to take care of a diet rich in vitamins, especially in winter, when vitamin usually we are missing. Culinary Essentials beautiful skin should contain especially fruits and vegetables.

Winter is for our skin extremely difficult time. The cold air outside and too dry in heated rooms can make the skin becomes dry, rough, devoid of glamor. Although adequate care is an essential part of beauty care in the cold months, we often forget about the item as important, and perhaps more important. It is the diet. Balanced containing the appropriate dose of vitamins and trace elements menu, guarantees not only increased resistance, but also radiant skin.

Strengthens the immune system of the organism, it is purified of toxins, complement deficiencies of vitamin C. The most preferred form of consumption of this acidic fruit is popular diet beverage. A glass of water with lemon is a proven not only in the morning detox, but beautiful skin. “Start the day with a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon. Detoxifying the body, helping the digestive system and the liver quickly eliminate waste, which also affect the condition of the skin,” – says in an interview with the American magazine “Vogue” nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. I suggest that we need not be limited only to that drink – we can also sprinkle on salads with lemon juice and add it to cocktails and smoothies.

This is the healthiest sweets world. Both raw and dried are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Their consumption protects against atherosclerosis, diseases of the cardiovascular system, and also lowers the risk of stroke. Dates are also rich in fiber, thus improving the metabolism. Their health promoting properties also appreciate the beauty experts. “Dates are rich in copper – a mineral that helps the body absorb iron and stimulate collagen production,” – notes Snyder. Take advantage of it as a great alternative for sugar in baking and cooking.

Rich in beta-carotene sweet potato is not only a component of reputed palate dishes, but also one of the culinary allies beautiful skin. Adding them to your diet can significantly help us to fight imperfections. This is due, Snyder explains, the “magic lightening the skin by a high content of vitamins A and C which neutralize harmful free radicals responsible for skin aging and its tarnish.” Importantly, sweet potatoes are also full of biotin, which stimulates the growth of hair and nails.

“When your skin needs to look good, this fruit is a true miracle worker” – says Snyder. Pineapples are a natural weapon against many ailments. Improve digestion, reduces the states lit in the body remove toxins and beneficial effect on skin. They are a rich source of vitamins, fruit acids and minerals. Stimulate collagen production, eliminate swelling, and thanks to the high content of vitamin C improves the appearance of skin redness.

They are healthy and filling snack, but also affect the good health of the skin. The secret of their salutary action is a wealth of vitamin E. “This is an antioxidant that beautifies the skin very well because it is present in the skin tissue, giving it smoothness and elasticity,” – explains the expert. Some studies suggest that vitamin E may help fight the signs of aging by protecting the skin from damage caused by solar radiation, while nourishing the skin and preventing it from drying out.

These popular in dietetics seeds should be a regular part of the diet of people who want to improve the condition of their skin. Filled with minerals and fiber are further characterized by an ideal balance of unsaturated fatty acids, which by Snyder provide the skin radiance. Chia seeds are famous for that fight free radicals and thus, delay the aging process. Go ahead therefore be added to smoothies and fruit salads.

“Strong antioxidants contained in beet help fight the signs of aging, making the skin firm and takes on a truly youthful glow” – says nutritionist. Sugar present in the combination of minerals and vitamins (including folic acid, vitamin A, potassium and magnesium), stimulates the production and repair of cells, protect the skin against premature aging and wrinkles. Snyder recommends adding beet juice to the morning or a cocktail with a hint of apple and ginger