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Vampire facelift – what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Vampire facelift – what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Vampire facelift is a procedure using a patient’s own blood. It is used in medicine for over 10 years, initially in surgery and orthopedics, later entered the area of ​​aesthetic medicine. Bio-stimulation therapy is used to accelerate healing of large wounds after complicated surgery, in order to regenerate muscle and tendon injuries, overloading and efforts. Vampire facelift became fashionable thanks to celebrities from overseas, which will be happy to promote it as one way to keep forever young, healthy and smooth skin. He was quickly picked up and used to promote natural ways to care for your skin, opposed to a scalpel. Vampire facelift because of its strong action is a natural alternative to Botox.

Vampire facelift – what is?

Vampire facelift, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, involves the use of patient’s own blood. The procedure involves withdrawing blood from a patient, then special preparation is carried out rotor material – separating red blood cells from the platelet-rich plasma. That’s what it is used for the injection procedure. The procedure itself involves the subcutaneous injection site covered with wrinkles and furrows.

The most common are: the mouth area (the so-called. Smoker’s lines and wrinkles puppets), forehead (ie. The lion’s wrinkle), around the eyes, chin, and even neck.

The most common are: the mouth area (the so-called. Smoker’s lines and wrinkles puppets), forehead (ie. The lion’s wrinkle), around the eyes, chin, neck and even

The effects are visible after about three weeks, is exactly what your skin needs for regeneration and healing process.

What is platelet rich plasma?

It is obtained by processing human blood preparation consisting of peptides with strong regenerative action renewing and stimulating.

Vampire facelift – effects

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is addressed to people who are looking for natural health regeneration of the skin in order to stimulate and thus delay the aging process. The treatment is recommended for allergy sufferers, who, because of the inability to take advantage of the many chemicals, looking for an alternative in the form of natural treatments.

Vampire facelift brings a lot of effects definitely improve nutrition and skin tone. To the effects that can be expected after the vampire facelift include:

    improved flexibility,
    shallowing of wrinkles and furrows,
    improvement in skin color.

  • improved flexibility,

  • shallowing of wrinkles and furrows,

  • improvement in skin color.

  • The treatment is based on bio-stimulation, thus supporting healing. Therefore, it can be used also to eliminating stretch marks and scars. It is also successfully used as a therapy in the treatment of baldness.

    Aesthetic medicine also uses plasma therapy combined with other treatments. In combination with laser therapy is a very strong and effective weapon in the fight against wrinkles and effectively eliminates the effects of skin aging.

    Vampire facelift – before and after

    Because the treatment is based on the patient’s own blood, surrender to him not: people with blood diseases, pregnant women and lactating mother. Facial skin, which is subjected to plasma treatment with injections, should be in perfect condition and can not roll on it no inflammation. Therefore, people struggling with acne, pimples and all purulent bacterial infections, should first take care of their skin healing and lead to a state of not bearing a trace of inflammation.

    A visit to the office does not require any special preparation. Before starting treatment, the skin is cleaned and disinfected. What’s more, the platelet-rich plasma do not have to join on an empty stomach. The treatment is painless, and the only side effects include bruising caused by injection. Their eventual emergence is related to the thickness of the skin, however, the patient’s face and the resistance of blood vessels.

    Since the vampire facelift surgery is an injection, after the event, avoid clusters of bacteria, including contact with animals, try not to touch the skin excessively and at home to prepare a fresh pillowcase to sleep. After visiting the office is not recommended for exposing a treatment area of ​​sunlight – until complete healing of the surrounding area undergoing treatment.

    It is, however, to use UV filters (for four weeks after surgery). What’s more, for a period of about 3-5 days after the visit should abandon the sauna, swimming pool and excessive physical activity. In case of any irritation on the skin, in order to alleviate their preparations can be used with aloe vera. If, however, there will be minor bruises, it is recommended that preparations of arnica.

    Vampire facelift – defects

    For very sensitive persons therapy can be unpleasant because of the perceived pain during surgery. For several days after lifting the skin is irritated and swollen, there is no clear rejuvenation effect immediately after surgery.

    Experts say that some people are allergic to plasma can occur even when performing surgery with the use of their own blood. Doctors also warn against combining the vampire facelift treatments with hyaluronic acid. It is believed that such a combination could put you on the occurrence of autoimmune diseases, and even cause congestion of blood.

    Takżet risk is that the procedure is relatively new and not yet thoroughly examined its effects and possible consequences. Before making a decision it is worth to consult with several specialists.

    Vampire facelift – at what age it perform?

    The treatment recommended for people aged 35 years and above who tolerate mild pain. Clients praise him for their effectiveness and natural facial appearance after facelift.

    Doctors recommend this form of rejuvenation people who are afraid of change facial expressions and unnatural appearance is still the most commonly used injections of Botox. Vampire facelift has lead to the disappearance of wrinkles, remove the effects of aging and unhealthy skin tan.