The Only Makeup Trends Worthy of Your Vanity This Fall

Darlings, the deluge of fall makeup trends serves up far more fright than delight. But fret not, I’m sorting the few refined looks from the abundant gauche.

Word from Harper’s Bazaar touts graphic eyeliner and saturated lips. A hard pass – we retired these juvenile looks for good reason. However, I’ll sanction (The Everygirl) warm, velvety blushes pairing divinely with draped cardigans.

While we bid adieu to insta-fads like fox eyes, strategically placed highlighter deserves consideration, per PopSugar. Apply sparingly only along the cheekbones, darling.

If dabbling in new textures, opt for luxe satin eyeshadows over grungy mattes. And choose rich autumnal palettes – not neon atrocities. Understated elegance never fails the tasteful.

Follow my selective guidance, and you’ll craft a sophisticated fall face the Paris runways would admire.

Elevate Your Look: A Refined Guide to Fall’s Best Makeup Trends

The descent into fall can plunge one’s mood into dreariness. Combat the gloom with nuanced makeup imparting sophistication this season.

Sultry, Smudged Eyes

Replace generic black liner with richer coffee and emerald shadows artfully blown out at the lashlines. Pair with feathery lashes and softly arched brows. Achieve bedroom eyes without veering trampy.

Subtle Contour and Light

Skip the Instagram face. For natural dimension, blend neutral taupe below cheekbones, avoiding all harsh lines. Dust gold, not garish strobes, along highest points. Candlelit radiance uplifts.

Velvety Blush

Fresh apricot and cherry hues on primed skin lend an irresistible just-pinched flush. Sheer out edges for a diffused effect. Placement on the apples only, not slathered on clownishly.

Rich, Hydrated Lips

Indulgent autumnal wines and chocolates flatter. Avoid drying mattes. Apply oil balm first for plumping shine. Skip artifice with strategic dabs – a spot on the cupid’s bow is plenty.

Adopt this routine for polished, powerful beauty that enters a room before you. Stand out while remaining eternally tasteful.