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Stretch marks and the beach – how to mask stretch marks?

The dream vacation is fast approaching, and a dilemma appears in your mind – buy a bikini, choose a suit and develop the passion of a diver? Both! Stretch marks should be dealt with as early as possible. If possible, still in the inflammatory phase! Find out how to deal with this unpleasant problem.

At the start, I have bad and good news

The bad news is that the complete removal of stretch marks (those that have become permanent and begin to resemble scars) is only possible with surgery – this solution is used for extremely deep scars.

The good news is that if you act early, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to see them. Aesthetic medicine treatments and, of course, appropriate cosmetics can help. The substances contained in them support cell regeneration and stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers. First, however, a few words about the stretch marks themselves.

Where do stretch marks come from?

Stretch marks appear in various places on our body. They are most often found on the abdomen (especially after pregnancy), hips, breasts, legs, thighs, buttocks, biceps or back. Wherever the skin is stretched “beyond its capacity”. High voltage causes the release of enzymes that break down collagen and elastin fibers.

Stretch marks can appear due to: hormonal changes (e.g. excessive amount of cortisol in the blood reduces the quality of the produced fibers),
taking medications with steroid hormones (they inhibit collagen synthesis),
poor diet (zinc deficiency),
genetic conditions.
Pregnant women, overweight people, adolescents, athletes (mainly bodybuilders) and people who often gain weight and lose weight are particularly susceptible to this type of defects. Those with genetic predisposition and those taking steroid drugs are also at risk.

What preparations for stretch marks are the best?

Mother of pearl, which is mainly associated with a decorative function, is also used in cosmetology. Its composition includes aragonite crystals (a type of calcium carbonate used, among others, in powders, it also has brightening properties) and biopolymers (i.e. organic building substances, including amino acids).

What is her role? First of all, mother of pearl is supposed to help remove scars, discoloration and support the metabolism of skin cells. In addition, it is responsible for toning the skin, its brightening and regeneration.

The properties of this product were used hundreds of years ago by the inhabitants of Asia and South America. It is said that even Cleopatra herself was supposed to use mother of pearl as a nourishing filter to protect the skin from the sun.

The cream for stretch marks available, which uses the healing effect of mother of pearl, is Noscar – cream of mother of pearl against scars (30 ml).

Elancyl can also remedy the problem of stretch marks. This specificity is especially appreciated by women with skin defects after pregnancy. It includes: fibrillin – supports the maturation of elastin fibers that maintain skin elasticity,
zinc gluconate – supports the removal of free radicals from the body, has antibacterial properties and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin,
guanidine glycolate – helps to dissolve the callous layer of the epidermis, masking pigments.

An interesting proposition is also the serum in ampoules that corrects stretch marks RYOR Lipored, which consists of over 80% of natural plant extracts (ivy, horsetail, and algae). The plant complex contained in the serum is to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers.

7 interesting treatments for stretch marks

Fraxel – fractional laser. Its light is a stream of pulses penetrating the skin (even up to 2 mm) and creating microdamages. This controlled action stimulates regeneration and the formation of new, healthy cells.
Chemabrasion – a medical peeling (otherwise it is called a chemical peel). With the use of glycolic / pyruvic / azelaic / salicylic / almond acid, just like any other peeling, it exfoliates and stimulates the production of new epidermal cells.
Microdermabrasion – with the help of a special apparatus, it rubs and sucks up the worn cells to stimulate circulation, production of collagen fibers and improve skin elasticity.
Dermabrasion – exfoliation of the epidermis with a special device with a sharp, rotating head, but with the use of anesthesia (point or general). It all depends on the depth of the scars.
Mesotherapy – consists in injecting mixtures (cocktails) into the skin to stimulate collagen production.
Laser (dye, copper, CO2) – its action is to exfoliate the epidermis, which is first heated and then its layers are dissected. Post-treatment wound requires longer care. A scab forms, and it takes time for the skin to recover.
Lipotransfer – the adipose tissue of the treated person is collected. The tissue contains stem cells, which is why its transplantation into the area of ​​stretch marks is to help reduce the differences on the skin.

As you can see, there is plenty to choose from. The decision about the procedure should be consulted with a dermatologist or an aesthetic medicine doctor. Remember that stretch marks are best treated as early as possible.

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