Love Margot Robbie as Barbie? Save this Original 1959 Barbie costume for Halloween 2023! Black & white or colour for these pics?💋

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Vintage Barbie is a beauty, and you can achieve her iconic look with any hair color. Light brown hair works just as well as Barbie blonde! 💋

This retro black and white swimsuit Barbie look is so nostalgic and fun. Here are the main steps to get the look🖤
• Blue eyeshadow and subtle winged liner
• Bright red lipstick
• Contoured face for a Margot Robbie-inspired look (hello, cheekbones!)

For the hair, you’ll need:
• A tiny curling iron for curled bangs
• Bobby pins to shorten the curls
• Hair elastic for a ponytail
• A larger curling iron to flip up the ends
• High-hold hairspray

Alternatively, you can try an "insert name here" for a faux ponytail – it looks adorable and is easy to style!

While the outfit may be over the top, it would be perfect for Halloween or a costume party. ✨ Would you rock this look?