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Most lasting lipsticks, for which you do not pay a fortune

Most lasting lipsticks, for which you do not pay a fortune

The sale of a number of lipsticks are available that provide excellent color stability (some manufacturers say up to 12 or 16 hours). Many of them, however, was released on the market for luxury brands or professional costs and even above 100 zł. Meanwhile, also in popular drugstores you can find the lipstick, the price of which does not exceed 30 zł and which persist in the mouth throughout the day, even if you eat and drink. See our picks!

Why some lipstick on her lips persist longer than others? To a large extent it depends on their consistency and formulas. Typically oily lipstick polishing disappear faster than the lipstick giving a matte finish. Many also depends on the composition of the cosmetic – the composition and quality of the substances used.

How to extend the life of lipstick?

The durability of lipstick also affects the condition of the mouth. On chapped, desiccated lips no cosmetic is not maintained too long, and even worse – wash the can in a very unsightly manner, moving panels (with dry skins) or by creating spots. That’s why it regularly use moisturizing, nourishing and protective lipsticks perform scrub mouth.

regularly use moisturizing, nourishing and protective lipsticks perform scrub mouth.

Immediately before umalowaniem lips while you can use the following tricks:

  • Apply on the lips of a very thin layer of primer to matt skin, lips – it will also increase the color intensity lipstick,

a thin layer of primer

  • outline lips liner pencil – not only emphasize the possibly make corrections, and thus the shape of the mouth, but also will prevent blurring the lipstick off their contour,

outline lips liner pencil

  • squeeze out the excess cosmetic handkerchief, and then sprinkle powdered transparent lips – it will prolong the life of make-up and provide a smooth, matte finish (that’s why this trick does not work with błyszczykach).

sprinkle powdered transparent lips

Lipstick – both liquid and having a solid consistency – preferably impose a special brush. This provides more control in the performance of makeup – you can evenly apply cosmetics and accurately fill your lips.

best applied with a special brush

What lipstick to choose?

  • Golden Rose Lip Marker

Golden Rose Lip Marker

It’s not enough lipstick in the classic sense, but the ink into the mouth in the form of a marker. Thin applicator allows nicely outline and fill mouth and a specially designed formula makes color persists really long (to the point that you need to toil with little make-up remover). Marker dries quickly and provides a matte finish.

  • Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink

Matting is a liquid lipstick is available in a range of 20 shades. Gives lips intense color that lasts for several (or even a dozen – as provided by the manufacturer) hours. Rubs very subtly, without creating streaks and stains.

  • Max Factor Lipfinity

Max Factor Lipfinity

This biphasic lipstick, which actually consists of two lipsticks. The first color and gives the lips matt finish girl links directory. Sets quickly, nicely and permanently fusing the mouth. While the second is used lipstick to make them shine and hydration mouth.

  • Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte

Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte

Lipstick has a nice, smooth texture and provide a matt, elegant finish. Intense pigmentation makes the color does not change during the day, and she gently rubs lipstick, classic – from the inside. It is not reflected in the glasses and not smear after it has set.

  • Hean Luxury Matte

Hean Luxury Matte

Lipstick is the cheapest in the statement. It has a smooth consistency, and after setting gives lips intense color with a matte finish. It provides several hours durability – while wearing just rubs off when eating fatty foods and strong rubbing. Do not dry in this paragraph.