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Like a tattoo, but it raises a much more controversial

Like a tattoo, but it raises a much more controversial

What is scarification? This unique way of decorating the body. Note that irreversible decorating. Scarification involves cutting, burning or rozdrapywaniu wounds on the body in such a way that wound healing pattern formed on the body. Where did the ritual scarification?

Scarification – genesis

Scarification is a rite of passage. It is used in many primitive cultures, usually in relation to adolescent people who reach the age of majority beauty health org. But not only. In Aboriginal it has been used as a way to recognize certain members of the tribe. And in Africa, it has been used in several tribes and as a beauty treatment was performed on women. There was also be applied to the warriors, to make it easier to distinguish from their foreign during the fight. It could also be an expression of thanks to the gods for survival. On the other hand scarification over the years it has become a way of stigmatizing prisoners.

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currently scarification

And how does it look today? It is true that among the primitive tribes still it is used in the original sense, but many people does it for completely different reasons. People who love to embellish their bodies often use it as another way to stand out, such as replacement or other form of tattooing. However, apart from the visual aspect it is another one – biochemical. The pain that is released during exercise can cause scarification as a result of the so-called. endorphin shock. This burst of hormones can make the state of euphoria and impair perception of reality. However, doing this often irreversible surgery is the result of momentary fashion and the desire to shock environment. For many people, it can also be, as in primitive tribes, way to demonstrate the bravery and courage. That the physical evidence.

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Scarification – how to do it

In today’s world of ways to do a lot of scarification. One thing is certain – this procedure must be performed by a trained, knowledgeable in their craft and it had the right equipment and a massage. Due to the necessity of a breach of tissues, such as the execution of the tattoo, scarification should be performed in a single hardware under sterile conditions or close sterility. As for the method of execution scarification, then there are three – cutting, removal and skin branding. The first one consists in making precise incisions on the body. For best results, most commonly used for this purpose scalpel. Healed traces of the incisions form a pattern. For larger patterns, occupying a large area, is usually more skin removal process, involving the complete removal of soft tissue. In this case the final form the pattern formed during the scar healing. The most complex implementation of the method is branding scarification. For its implementation need special equipment – metal chisel or laser elektrokoagulator. This method involves de facto firing pattern in the skin.

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facial scarification

There are different parts of the body, where customers want to perform surgery scarification. Most are back, chest or legs or hands. However, more often the facial scarification treatments. You have to remember that scarification is so large interference in the skin that can not in any way remove its effects, in contrast to laser tattoo removal. Therefore, facial scarification is the most extreme form of decorating the body. It is distributed by many people from the world of martial arts or music. One of the people who undergo facial scarification is Popek Monster.

Scarification – prices

If you want to do a tattoo bliznowy, as is called scarification, we must prepare for similar expenditure, which in the case of an ordinary tattoo. Smaller models will cost 300 gold, and a large and complex scarification, made by experienced tattoo artists, will cost around 1,000 to 1,500 dollars. Under no circumstances should perform scarification alone, and before performing the procedure still need to remember one thing – its ultimate effect is difficult to predict, because each skin heals differently, and at the same time is absolutely irreversible.

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