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Hormones vs. skin

Hormones vs. skin

Or hormones actually govern skin?

Rather, I would use statements that hormones may influence it. Probably most women familiar with the action of estrogen on your complexion. They make women’s skin is firm, radiant, elastic. In the second part of the cycle, however, it comes into the progesterone that promotes retain water in the body, edema and thus comedones. Therefore, before menstruation they appear on the face acne eruptions. Most people blame it on the hormones. Meanwhile, they are responsible for this state indirectly. The immediate cause of the deterioration of the skin is to keep water in the body.

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So it is not so, as it is commonly believed that the acne is mainly deregulated economy hormonal …

Sentences are becoming more and more divided. Today, ordinary acne often considered to be a disease of civilization than hormonal. We, dermatologists, we tend to the discovery that it is an affliction resulting from lifestyle. Applicable people worked, niedosypiajÄ…cych, stressed, niedojadajÄ…cych, cosmetics abusers. Cera is it indifferent. To my office reported the highest number of patients suffering from acne just ordinary. Increasingly, women are between 30 and 40 years of age. However, in most cases eczema in these patients do not respond hormonal disorder, and the abuse … primer.

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And in which cases of acne in adults are due to hormonal?

Surely now I will set the world on its head, but we can say that in the case of men who take hormones bodybuilding in order to build muscle mass. Such men are more and more. These are not just bodybuilders, it’s also the guys who work every day behind the desk, and after hours work on his figure in the gym. Testosterone, Dianabol, insulin taken in preparations for bodybuilders lead to complete disaster hormone. Gentlemen patients taking such mixtures suffer from nasty forms of acne.

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Is rosacea did it hormones?

Not completely. There are two types of disorders caused by hormones Allure perfect. For the first of them correspond to the glands in the skin of distant parts of the body, such as gonads, or sex glands. The second disorders are related to hormones produced by the skin and its appendages. In the latter group there are the so-called vascular growth factors produced by the skin itself. And they are responsible for acne rosacea. What is important: while ordinary Acne is a disease of the sebaceous glands, so much rosacea – vascular disease. Is a disease with a different genesis, the inflammatory changes occur in the secondary, and the core of the problem are disorders of the vascular system, because the skin is visible dilated blood red mesh. Rosacea occurs most often after the age of 30.

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So now we look seborrhea …

The term “seborrhea” in the medical sense means all seborrheic disease, or acne vulgaris and rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis. In contrast, seborrhea, who do you mean, it’s just excessive secretion of sebum, usually in isolation from changes of illness. Maybe also indicate hyperthyroidism, but often affects people healthy.

However, it is quite rare situations. In the case of an isolated sebum on the skin with no inflammatory changes we do not implement any treatment, and excess sebum simply remove the daily care. And here the most ordinary soap pass the exam. Even camomile. If you do not stand behind a greasy complexion endocrine problems, nothing of this I would not do. Moreover, oily longer retain youth.

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What causes dry skin?

It is observed in hypothyroidism. Where again it should be noted that nowadays are cases rare. Must quite aware that dry skin is also naturally increases with age, this is an inevitable process that starts already between 30 and 40 years of age. It is also worth noting that this ailment intensifies in the winter. During the summer complexion is better greased due to the increased secretion of sebum. In a real scenario, occasionally hormones are responsible for dry skin.

Full version of the interview in the magazine “I care about health,” 5/2020.