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Dyson present corral ™, the only straightener that uses the technology of flexible plates

Dyson present corral ™, the only straightener that uses the technology of flexible plates

Dyson examines the scientific aspects of hair styling for almost a decade, investing more than 100 million pounds of hair in laboratories around the world and employing thousands of scientists, engineers and stylists. A team of experts looked at all aspects – from the hair structure, the dynamics of air flow in order to better understand the specifics of hair damage by factors thermal, mechanical and chemical properties on the health of hair. To straighten hair, is required combination of heat, power and control – heat, which breaks the hydrogen bonds in the hair; voltage and pressure to change the shape of the bond; control to evenly apply the heat and tension. Extensive research Dyson emphasize the conventional straighteners rigid plates are applying heat and tension on the thickest part of the band, and this means that the loose strands, which are not sufficiently taut styling will not be subjected to. These loose strands need to straighten several times, thus reducing the strength of hair, and also affects their brilliance and color.

Pioneering Technology Flexible Tiles

Dyson developed a flexible plate made of an alloy of manganese and copper in order to ensure optimum flexibility, strength, and heat conduction. Each plate is machined precisely to 65 microns – the width of a human hair – and the edges have ionizing properties, which helps to provide flexibility and to reduce static electricity. Unlike conventional straighteners, unique, flexible plate leveler Dyson ™ Corral adapt its shape to provide greater control and thereby improving designs while reducing the dependence of heat. The plates are flexible fit to the hair evenly distributing the tension and temperature. The increased control allows to obtain excellent styling with less dependence of heat, thereby reducing damage to hair by half.

Intelligent Control Heat

Corral Dyson ™ straightener has three precise temperature setting – 165 ° C, 185 ° C and 210 ° C. This allows the user to adjust the temperature to the type of hair styling and the effect desired. In combination with increased control, which is provided by a flexible plate allows the hair styling using a lower temperature Victoria’s temptation. Dyson scientists have found that even though the function of temperature setting is in most conventional straighteners, real-time temperature can fluctuate when the leveler reacts to a power source. Like Dyson ™ Supersonic and Airwrap Dyson ™ straightener Corral Dyson ™ technology is provided with a smart thermal control. Using platinum sensor temperature is measured 100 times a second. The technology is based on communication with the microprocessor, which in turn controls the heating system, providing a precise amount of heat.

Czteroogniwowa lithium-ion batteries

Dyson Corral ™ straightener is equipped with technologically advanced battery, which the company has created a Dyson vacuum cleaners in the development of wireless. Straightener Dyson Corral czteroogniwowa ™ is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides the same thermal performance as a wired version, providing versatility and universal voltage, allowing users to stylize your hair at any time and place. The function also provides flight mode, the device complies with airline travel and can be packed in carry-on baggage during the journey. Dyson ™ straightener Corral fully charged in just 70 minutes and provides about 30 minutes of styling wherever you are. Placement of the leveler in an ergonomic charging station at regular intervals during the styling or fixing a magnetic charging cable provides hybrid mode for longer sessions styling. Straightener Dyson Corral ™ will be available in Poland on the official website, on the second of April and soon Dyson in official stores and at authorized partners.